PM moots India's leadership in fight for climate

06 April 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today said, India, which has had a long tradition of living in harmony with nature, should lead the global fight against climate change.

Inaugurating the conference of state environment and forest ministers in New Delhi today, the Prime Minister expressed disappointment that India's culture of respecting and living in harmony with nature had not been sufficiently projected on the global arena, and the country was occasionally perceived as a barrier in the global fight against climate change.

Modi said the people of India have been the protectors and devotees of nature.

He said, "We need to project this fact properly, so that the world realises that India cannot be questioned, [on this]". He said Indians have always conserved nature, and even today, have among the lowest per-capita carbon emission, globally.

He said the way forward is not just restrictions, but changing lifestyles.

"The culture of recycle and re-use is not new for India. Instead of being forced to follow parameters laid down by others, India should lead the world in the fight against climate change," he added.

Modi said development and environment protection can go hand in hand, but there are serious misconceptions being spread in this regard. Giving the example of the Land Acquisition Bill, he said the provisions of the Bill do not touch tribal and forest land. But serious misconceptions and lies were being spread about this Bill. He urged those spreading such lies, to desist from doing so, and said these attempts to misguide society are harming the nation.

The prime minister called upon the world to ease restrictions for India on import of nuclear fuel, so that India could also produce clean nuclear energy in a big way.

He said the government is focusing on clean energy generation in a big way, through solar, nuclear, wind and biomass.

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