Shooting of prized stag distresses nature lovers in UK news
26 October 2010

The killing of one of the biggest known stags in the world, the `Exmoor Emperor,' has met with condemnation from deer-lovers in the UK who say hunting should be banned in the mating season.

The body of the stag, named after the southwestern area where it was frequently sighted, was found close to a road in the Devon countryside.

The stag, which stood nine feet (2.75 metres) to the tips of its antlers, was killed legally by a licensed hunter, reports said.

Though the identity of the hunter who felled the stag is not unknown, it is believed to be the handiwork of one among the increasing number of wealthy sportsmen who are flooding the area in search of a trophy.

According to Exmoor deer expert Peter Donnelly, there are people who are prepared to spend quite ridiculous sums of money to have a trophy on their wall.

He added that though people quote 1,000 for a good head, he had heard there were those who would pay a lot more.

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Shooting of prized stag distresses nature lovers in UK