Global wealth rose 12% in 2017: BCG

Personal wealth around the world grew by 12 per cent over 2016 to $201.9 trillion in 2017, a 12 percent gain from 2016 and the strongest annual pace in the past five years, Boston Consulting Group 

Acording to BCG's Global Wealth 2018, this total, roughly 2.5 times as large as the world’s GDP for the year ($81 trillion), more than doubled the previous year’s rate, when global wealth rose by 4 per cent. 
The growth also represented the strongest annual growth rate in the past five years in dollar terms. 
"The main drivers were the bull market environment in all major economies—with wealth in equities and investment funds showing by far the strongest growth—and the significant strengthening of most major currencies against the dollar," tje report noted.
Residents of North America held over 40 per cent of global personal wealth, followed by residents of Western Europe, with 22 per cent. 
The strongest region of growth was Asia, which posted a 19 per cent increase. 
All wealth segments grew robustly, but high growth rates were especially prevalent in the uppermost wealth segments.