Donald Trump to profit from Secret Service assigned for his protection

26 November 2016

The New York Post reported on Thursday, that the Secret Service was discussing with the Trump Organization about renting two vacant floors of the 68-story Trump Tower, in order to provide protection to the president-elect.

The Secret Service would need to work with the NYPD to operate a command post to protect Trump his family.  The post would contain over 250 agents and police officers.

According to another report in thr paper on Tuesday, the vacant 17th floor of Trump Tower was priced at $105 per square foot, which would be worth $1.5 million a year. It included six large south-facing outdoor terraces, private elevators, and polished concrete floors. Also the 15th floor, which served as a headquarters for the Trump campaign could be available.

The two floors would cost the government $3 million each year.

Also since Trump Tower had experienced a near 40-per cent drop in sales and rentals in the past year, the arrangement could make up for any possible shortfall in the president-elect's pockets. It would also mean that landlord Donald Trump would make money from the security assigned to President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, security at Trump Tower would soon be beefed up with the installation of radiation and bomb detectors as part of a major security package for the president-elect's home, the Daily News reported citing a law enforcement source.

An operations centre would also be established by the Secret Service, in the building, according to the source.

''This is the most unique security challenge we've ever seen in the country,'' the source said.

The plan would also evolve over time to incorporate new information and other potential risks, according to the source.

The police had been ordered to stop visitors to the block outside the building and ask them to state a reason for being there.

''You'll have to demonstrate a reason to be on the street,'' the source said. People who were passing through would be asked to cross to the other side of the street, however, there would be no bag search outside the building, sources said.

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