China asks men to donate sperm: report

15 June 2016

China faced with an ageing problem has called on men between the age of 20 and 45 to show their patriotism in a rather unusual way. "For the sake of your country, please donate sperm," reports quoted the government as saying.

China hopes more young men would become donors to help fill sperm banks as they faced shortages. Officials are also concerned that shortages would worsen since the government had allowed more Chinese couples to have a second child after ending its decades long one-child policy this year.

The government would also pay $1,000 in cash incentives and had also promised a new iPhone, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper added that China had an aging population and diminishing workforce, which prompted the state-run media to urge people to "show your compassion" by donating, according to the newspaper.

But according to commentators, it might not be very popular as traditional Chinese medicine associated semen with vitality, meaning men might not be as willing to part with it.

One Beijing sperm bank's ad reads: ''Donating sperm and donating blood are the same thing. It's all about giving back to society,'' the Times reported.

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