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China tells foreign companies to stop whining news
14 September 2010

Shanghai: In the face of persistent claims by foreign companies and their governments that not only is the pitch queered for their businesses in China but also that the environment is getting progressively worse China has brusquely responded by asking them to stop whining. It said these companies should not get ''emotional.''

Even as currency valuation issues increasingly begin to occupy centre stage, with the US now seemingly determined to force China to move faster on this matter than it is inclined to do so, Beijing is trying to trim its policies to adjust to mounting international pressures.

Adding to persistent charges of currency manipulation are claims that China's investment policies actively discriminate against foreigners in favour of domestic companies, making it difficult for these companies to compete in mainland China's markets.

Foreign companies charge they have been repeatedly blocked from making acquisitions and investments on the mainland.

"It is okay to complain from time to time," said Liu Yajun, the head of the Foreign Investment department at the Chinese ministry of Commerce.

"But you have to be practical and realistic. Some of the comments about China being closed to foreign business are exaggerated and hyperbolic," he added. "We understand why the media says these things, but not companies."

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China tells foreign companies to stop whining