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India imposed maximum anti-dumping measures: WTO news
10 July 2008

Mumbai: India initiated the highest number of new investigations (31) against suspected price dumping while the US launched 24 new probes between 1 July and 31 December and South Korea initiated 10, according to a World Trade Organisation report.

India also reported the highest number (16) of ant-dumping measures during the second half of 2007, twice the number it reported (8) during the corresponding period of 2006, the report said.

The machinery and equipment sector was the main subject of new investigations, followed by chemicals, textiles, and base metals.

China faced the maximum measures and the highest number of probes into dumping of goods during the period, the report added.

Brazil followed India, with eight new reported final measures, China and the European communities (seven each) and Colombia (four).

The figures showed an increase in the number of cases for Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, New Zealand, and Thailand and decrease for China, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey, compared with the figures for the same period of the previous year.

Chinese products faced the maximum number of anti-dumping measures, accounting for nearly half (26) of the 58 new measures. Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taipei tied for second place, with their exports subject to four measures each.

China also remained the most frequent subject of new investigations, with 40 of a total 101 new anti-dumping investigation directed at its exports during July-December 2007, virtually unchanged from the 39 investigations on exports from China that were reported for the corresponding period of 2006.

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India imposed maximum anti-dumping measures: WTO