Western-central metro corridor to improve suburban connectivity

The soon to be ready western-central metro corridor connecting Versova-Andheri on Mumbai's wesrern suburb to Ghatkopar on the cental suburbs will improve the connectivity between the distant suburbs of western and central Mumbai.

All stations on the 11.5km route have been built on two levels – the concourse level for fare collection and ticket issue and the platform level where commuters will board the metro trains. Commuters will have to pass through the concourse level to gain entry to the platform level for boarding the metro train.

The automatic fare collection system will ensure fast and convenient issue of tickets to commuters, a far cry from the slow-moving serpentine queues at the suburban railway stations.

Considering the hazards of commuting on the suburban railway, the safety and security of passengers have been given top priority. Trains will not start till all doors are securely closed, while train and track design will ensure that there are no gaps between the train and the platform eliminating the possibility of commuters slipping on to the from from the gap between the train and the platform.

The coaches will have a reserved area for the physically challenged.

The stations will be monitored through a central surveillance system connected to a security control room to allow round-the-clock tracking of every movement at the stations. The coaches will have internal CCTV cameras to keep a 24x7 tight vigil on what is happening in the coaches.