Not looking at slashing prices: Nalco

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C R Pradhan, CMD, Nalco says that the company is not looking at slashing prices. There has been a cut in the customs duty but at the same time this has been neutralised due to the CV tax, and hence there will not be any impact on prices.

Customs duties are down now. Would you cut prices of aluminium?
The custom duty has decreased from 10 per cent to 7.5 per cent and in addition to that, CV tax has been included. So ultimately it is neutralised. So because of the tax, there will not be any impact on prices.

What is the price differential at this point, landed and domestic?
There is still a difference of about Rs6,000-Rs7000 per tonne.

So if there is no cut, then would you be looking at increases in your price?
We will look into LME prices because there is a pricing committee. We will come to a conclusion today.