India exported horticulture produce worth Rs14,000 crore in 2011-12: Pawar

India earned foreign exchange worth Rs14,000 crore from export of horticulture produce amidst record production of 240 million tones in 2011-12, agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said today.

Addressing the national conference on horticulture production and productivity, Pawar complimented farmers and others associated with the development of horticulture in the country for achieving the all-time record production of horticulture produce.

He said the increase in production has resulted in higher per capita availability of fruits and vegetables, besides substantial increase in its exports, which has helped the country to earn foreign exchange to the tune of Rs14,000 crore.

Pawar also announced the formal launch of 2012 as the ''Year of Horticulture'' to bring horticulture development in the country to centre stage.

While we have achieved considerable success on the production front, the supply chain issues still need to be addressed, he said.

The `Vegetable Initiative for Urban Clusters', with an outlay of Rs300 crore is an important step in this direction. To start with, the scheme is being implemented with focus on sustained supply of good quality vegetables to urban centres having a population of one million and above. The scheme lays special emphasis on promoting protected cultivation of vegetables in green houses and shade-net houses for enhancing its productivity.