Bihar school tragedy: protestors arrested, culprits untraced

Four days after 23 schoolchildren died after consuming their mid-day meal, the only persons arrested are protestors against the man-made tragedy.

Forensic reports were expected on Friday, but are still not forthcoming. Meanwhile the Chappra police have charged 30 arrested persons and 60 unknown persons for torching four police vehicles during protests.

The arrests occurred after parents of the dead children started digging graves in and around the school, housed in a one-room community centre. It is customary for Hindus in Bihar to bury children below a certain age, instead of cremating them.

As usual in India, a peaceful protest was hijacked and turned into a rampage by politically motivated groups which the police will mzy be prevailed upon not to bother to identify. These people went on a spree of damaging public transport and police vehicles.

The prime accused - Meena Devi, the school's principal, and her husband, who ran a foodstuffs outlet and from whom his wife sourced the killer meals, have vanished along with their entire family, and are yet to be traced.