Anand Sharma tells investors at Davos government serious about corruption

Assuring global investors of New Delhi's commitment to an institutional mechanism to address corruption and frauds, union commerce and industries minister Anand Sharma said it was not acceptable to single out India and other developing economies on the issue. 

After meeting about two dozen CEOs of global companies on the sidelines of World Economic Forum's annual meeting at Davos last night, Sharma said these companies were looking at India very seriously after the recent policy decisions and initiatives taken by the government.

The commerce and industry minister said he could see there was enthusiasm and a desire to invest in India, faith in economic reforms and liberalisation and expectations of a regime that was friendly to investors.

He added, the message had gone out loud and clear and those investing in India were aware about the government's policies.

Meanwhile, US retailing behemoth Wal-Mart was worried that it was being unfairly targeted with allegations of lobbying in India to gain entry into the country's market, Sharma told NDTV today.

Sharma told NDTV that Wal-Mart felt that there should not be any targeting and the government reassured that India was a rule-based and rule-governed country. He added, the lobbying was something which was raised and there was no harm. Had this issue been raised in America, it would have got looked into he said.