Congress demands probe, alleges BJP ploy to disrupt

Accusing the Opposition parties of violating the decorum of the House, the Congress described the entire episode of displaying cash in the Lok Sabha as a planted operation by "those who know that they will lose in the vote of confidence".

Congress leader and union minister Ashwini Kumar told reporters that it was a drama to prevent the voting. The money was planted by those who know that they will loose. "The kind of example that has been set in the Parliament is unfortunate".

Kumar said the opposition which has sensed defeat is staging the whole drama and in the process it has violated the decorum of the House and added that an inquiry should be conducted into the issue. 

Union science and technology minister Kapil Sibal too demanded an investigation into the allegations by the BJP members saying that th matter (of cash being brought into the House) neededo be investigated intosoon after Lok Sabha adjournment till 6 pm following the BJP MPs placing bundles of currency notes in the well of the House and alleging they were bribed. 

Sibal said if the allegations from the BJP were true, three facts came out of the episode. First, he said. wads of notes were brought to the well of the House, second, the MP claimed having received money from somebody as bribe, and third, the cash was brought in without Speaker's approval. "These three are facts," he said, calling for a probe into the allegations.

Congress also alleged that it was a BJP ploy to disrupt the Lok Sabha by bringing in the charges of bribery against the Samajwadi Party.