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India test-fires submarine version of BrahMos missile news
20 March 2013

India today successfully test-fired a submarine version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, in the Bay of Bengal, becoming the first country in the world to gain this capability.

BrahMos missileThe maiden test-firing of the over 290 km-range submarine-launched version of the BrahMos was successfully carried out from an underwater platform near Viskhapatnam, BrahMos CEO A Sivathanu Pillai said, adding that the missile travelled its complete range of over 290 kms.

The missile, after emerging from water, followed a pre-defined trajectory and took a turn towards the designated target meeting all mission objectives.

''All the telemetry and tracking stations, including Indian naval ships positioned throughout the flight path, confirmed the pin-point accuracy of the mission,'' he said.

This is the first time a supersonic cruise missile has been successfully fired from underwater anywhere in the world, he said.

BrahMos, which is launched vertically from a modular launcher in the pressure hull of the submarine, will increase the 'offensive power' of the vessel without compromising on its 'defensive power' as the torpedo tubes can be fully utilised for defence, he said.

The missile is capable of being launched from submarine from a depth of 40-50 metres.

The missile is launched vertically with a nose cap that prevents water from entering the 'air-intake' during the underwater flight. After emerging from water, the sensors provide the ''out of water command'' and the nose cap is fired for turning the missile in the desired direction to hit the target.

"BrahMos missile is fully ready for fitment in P75 (I) of Indian Navy in vertical launch configuration, which will make the platform one of the most powerful weapon platforms in the world," Pillai said.

Defence minister AK Antony congratulated the scientists of DRDO, Russian specialists and members from Indian Navy associated with the project for successful test-launch of BrahMos missile from the underwater platform.

The ship and ground-launched versions of the BrahMos missile have already been put into service with the Indian Army and the Navy.

The maiden test of the submarine-launched version of BrahMos comes over a week after the indigenously built long-range subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay failed to hit its target in its first test.

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India test-fires submarine version of BrahMos missile