Fighting against ISIS continues to rock parts of Damascus

Fighting continued to rock the neighbourhood of Damascus, the Syrian capital, over the weekend as pro-government warplanes struck Islamic State-controlled areas.

While an estimated 70 airstrikes and 30 barrel bombs struck IS-controlled areas in south Damascus, the figure has gone up to 400 airstrikes and 100 barrel bombs since Thursday, according to opposition sources.

According to SANA, the Syrian state news agency, warplanes launched precision strikes on IS-held neighbourhoods in southern Damascus on Sunday morning. Syrian Arab Army soldiers also took on IS fighters in the area.

Some of the residents who quit the locality told the media that hundreds of families were trying to leave the bomb shelters in IS-held territory, as Syrian aircraft bombed the neighbourhood.

A UN spokesperson also expressed concerns for the safety and protection of tens of thousands of civilians in southern Damascus. The UN estimates that about 6,000 civilians lived in a camp before the recent air strikes began.

Fights between pro-government forces and the IS militia began last week after talks between the two failed. The Syrian government is determined to take full control of the capital.

Syrian rebels and army defectors had taken control of Yarmouk in south Damascus about six years ago. The area has since witnessed constant violence and attacks by both sides.