ISIS creates Alrawi app to widen propaganda network

18 January 2016

The Islamic State is not giving up on leveraging technology to spread terror.

According to reports, the organisation is using an encrypted android app called Alrawi after being kicked off instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and other messengers.

A counter-terrorism network known as Ghost Security Group had unearthed ISIS correspondence over Telegram.

The new encrypted app is of concern as there is no big name or firm behind it and hence nobody to ban ISIS from using the chat app which can stop simple interception of messages. Also, the new app cannot be downloaded from Google Play, but has to installed from unauthorised sources.

Although governments are pushing encrytion through the backdoor, the question that remains is how far mobile operating systems will go (beyond kicking apps off official stories) to protect users from organisations like ISIS. Would they be willing to build further barriers to usage directly into their mobile operating systems?

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