Delhi police collecting CCTV footage to identify bomber news
15 February 2012

The Delhi police are collecting CCTV footage of the last seven days from cameras in several government and private buildings along the route from Khan Market to Aurangzeb road in a bid to identify the person who placed a bomb on a car of the Israeli embassy on Monday.

A motorcyclist attached an improvised explosive magnetic device on an Israeli diplomat's Toyota Innova, minutes before it blew up in the national capital. Tal Yehoshua Koren, the diplomat's wife, who also works at the Israeli embassy, was seriously injured in the blast.

She had met her husband at a restaurant in Khan Market and was going to pick up her children from school; when her car halted at a traffic signal, an unidentified person on a motor-cycle stuck a sophisticated explosive on its rear. Moments later, the car blew up, seriously injuring Koren. She was operated upon at a private hospital in Delhi on Tuesday and was reported to be stable.

''We have sought the footage of the past seven-eight days,'' said B.K.Gupta, police commissioner, Delhi. ''As the Canadian High Commission is located close to the spot, we have approached them for the footage.'' About 16 CCTVs are installed at bungalows and other buildings in and near Aurangzeb Road.

The police suspect that the motorcyclist must have conducted a reconnaissance of the area a few days earlier and could have followed the diplomat's wife on her routine rounds. According to Gupta, the bomb which would have been quite small, fitting in his palm would have exploded within seconds after it was stuck to the vehicle. The terrorist was well-trained and escaped quickly.

The authorities have also sought information from Georgia, where another bomb also targeting an Israeli diplomatic car, was defused. Israeli security experts are also expected to help Indian investigators.

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Delhi police collecting CCTV footage to identify bomber