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DRDO lab develops 'e-bomb' news
08 November 2011

Chandigarh: India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is developing a futuristic weapon that will be capable of rendering electronic gadgets useless and will target adversary computer systems and command, control and communication networks. The development takes place even as electronic warfare and network-centric operations assume an increasingly significant role in today's battlefield.

Dubbed an ''e-bomb'', the weapon produces a strong electromagnetic field generating powerful electricity surges that can play havoc with electronic circuits within a specified area.

''We have developed and validated the technology and the weapon in its usable form is expected to be complete within the 12th Plan,'' Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) director Dr Manjit Singh said.

''Though this is the biggest weapon of mass destruction next to a nuclear bomb, it has a limited collateral damage as it does not target humans and is designed to hit computer systems and networks,'' he said.

The e-bomb, based on Explosive Driven High Energy Pulse Power Technology, can also be deployed against non-military establishments like banking and civic utility networks, communication and power generation networks.

The bomb destroys or damages gadgets and networks thereby seriously affecting day-to-day functioning of modern technology-dominated society over an extended period of time.

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DRDO lab develops 'e-bomb'