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Key architect of Indo-US n-deal frustrated news
05 July 2011

Dr Anil Kakodkar Mumbai: With the international nuclear cartel, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), blowing hot and cold over the 'clean waiver' granted to India, a key figure involved in the negotiations that ultimately led to the successful realisation of the agreement with the United States, ex-Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) chief, Anil Kakodkar, has expressed his frustration with the NSG's moves.

Kakodkar spoke his mind clearly on Monday saying" more hurdles were coming in our way" in the form of the latest guidelines proposed by the NSG.

''Instead of moving forward, we are moving backward," Kakodkar said.

He was responding to the moves being undertaken by the NSG to restrict export of enrichment and reprocessing technology (ENR) to countries that are non-NPT signatories. Kakodkar said the move had the potential to negate a considerable part of the waiver granted to India as a result of the Indo-US deal.

"This new rule is being contemplated at a time when India is planning to become a member of the NSG," Kakodkar said.

Asked if it was an attempt by US, Russia, France and some NSG members to arm-twist India into signing the NPT, Kakodkar replied,".... we have to protect our interests."

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Key architect of Indo-US n-deal frustrated