Pakistan using state terrorism to quell revolt within: report

09 Oct 2015


The Pakistani government, which is hell-bent on grabbing all of Kashmir to its side of the border, is in a strange situation with the Mohajirs of Sindh and Balochs within wanting to break away from a terror-stricken Pakistan.

The demonstrators say the Pakistani establishment is using state terrorism on 50 million Mohajirs in Pakistan to quell their protests. They say with no chance of even judicial recourse there is no choice for the Mohajirs, who are being labelled as agents of India's RAW.

Reports say while Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was raking up Kashmir issue again at the United Nations, large number of Mohajirs were demonstrating against the Pakistani establishment outside the world body's New York head office.

Mohajirs are Muslim refugees from India who migrated to Pakistan after seeking a separate homeland and any revolt by them could spell the end of Pakistan as a nation.

A photograph from the MQM USA website showed members protesting outside the UN headquarters in New York last week and videos of the protest demonstrations have now started appearing in the social media as well.

The videos show hundreds of protesters chanting ''Azadi'', which is the rallying cry for some separatist Kashmiris in J&K.

''Shocking...completely shocking. I have no words for this,'' reports quoted ruling party lawmaker in Pakistan Marvi Memon, saying after watching clips of the protests outside UN. ''Azadi has been attained in 1947. If they have issues they should negotiate with the Government of Pakistan...the blood of every Pakistani will be boiling at this.''

''While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was addressing the United Nation General Assembly, raising the Kashmir issues and atrocities of Indian state in Kashmir, MQM USA chapter was protesting against state terrorism on 50 million Mohajirs in Pakistan.''

The US wing of the Pakistan's mainstream Mohajir Quami Movement, which organised the demonstrations, say, ''Fifty million Mohajirs and their representative political party are being labeled as Indian and RAW agents in Pakistan by country's ruling elite. Pakistan's judicial system has failed to provide any justice or relief to Muhajirs and that's why we had no option but to raise our voice against injustice in front of United Nations,'' said Mohammed Arshad Hussain, described as the joint organiser of the protest.

Pakistani authorities allege the protest was masterminded by Indians, who in turn accuse the Pakistanis of funding separatist Khalistanis and Kashmiris, who held much smaller demonstrations.

However, the fact remains that in the case of Kashmiris separatists, US law enforcement agencies have established a money trail of Pakistani government funding.

Meanwhile, Mohajirs in UK and US have grown increasingly restive over the past few months in the face of the crackdown on the MQM in its Karachi stronghold by the Pakistani Rangers, a para-military force seen as part of the Punjabi establishment.

Meanwhile, Baloch dissidents have also stepped up their activity outside Pakistan, lobbying for a separate state in Washington, London, and even New Delhi, with their representatives calling for recognising the Baloch's right to self-determination.

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