Uber chief Travis Kalanick may be forced to take a three-month leave of absence: report

The board of directors of Uber Technologies is considering granting its CEO and founder Travis Kalanick a three-month leave of absence following a boating tragedy that killed his mother and put his father in a hospital, The New York Times reported.

However, according to people close to the matter, the real reason could be how company executives dealt with sexual harassment and other issues, according to the report.

Uber's directors were also said to be considering the exit of Emil Michael, senipr vice president of business at Uber.

The idea for the time-off had come from Kalanick himself, who proposed it following the accident that took his mother's life. Kalanick had reportedly told some people that he needed a break after having worked almost non-stop from 2009.

Uber is struggling with legal issues and internal woes, with not only the corporate leadership being called into question, but also its foray into self-driving automobile technology that had come under a lawsuit from Alphabet's Waymo.