Uber sells autonomous driving unit ATG to Aurora in $4bn all-stock deal

11 Dec 2020

Uber founder Travis Kalanick leaves board of directors

26 Dec 2019

Kalanick, who turned Uber into the world`s largest ride-services company and helped revolutionise the taxi industry worldwide, however, had to face investor ire following a series of setbacks

German court bans Uber car rental services in Germany

20 Dec 2019

Toyota, SoftBank to invest $1 bn in Uber to boost self-driving rideshare

19 Apr 2019

Uber Elevate to launch aerial taxi service in India

01 Sep 2018

Uber’s flying taxi can cruise at 240 to 320 km per hour, and soar up to 2,000 feet above, and may need to recharge after every 95 km, which may take five minutes to top up the batteries between flights

After Australia, Ola to challenge Uber in UK market now

07 Aug 2018

New York mulls limit on number of ride-hailing vehicles on streets

28 Jul 2018

In a path-breaking move, New York City may cap the number of Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing drivers operating on public streets in a step to counter worsening congestion and low driver wages

Uber acquires bike-sharing service provider Jump Bikes

10 Apr 2018

Uber to exit Southeast Asia, after quitting from China, Russia

26 Mar 2018

Embattled ride-hailing giant Uber, which has already backed out of China and Russia, is now all set to exit the Southeast Asian market by selling its operations to a Singapore-based rival

Uber’s driverless car fatally knocks pedestrian

20 Mar 2018

MNS resort to violence as Uber, Ola cabs go off roads

19 Mar 2018

As taxis of app-based firms Ola and Uber went off the roads in major cities protesting low fares that left them unable to repay their loans, an MNS worker was caught on camera threatening a driver and damaging his vehicle

Travis Kalanick launches new venture fund ‘10,100’, to focus on India, China

08 Mar 2018

Ousted from Uber last year, Travis Kalanick has launched a new venture investment fund called Ten one Hundred or 10100, a large part of which will be devoted to backing Indian startups

Uber’s self-driving trucks transporting goods across Arizona

07 Mar 2018

New study from MIT reveals 74 per cent of rideshare drivers making less than minimum wage

03 Mar 2018

Uber won’t stop pumping money into ‘healthy market’ India: Khosrowshahi

22 Feb 2018

Uber chief Khorowshahi says $245-mn settlement with Waymo “well worthwhile”

15 Feb 2018

“Shared mobility principles” seen to create monopoly for Uber, Lyft, ZipCar

03 Feb 2018

SoftBank wants Uber to focus on US, Europe and LatAm: report

20 Jan 2018

Softbank has high stakes in all major ride-hailing companies, including Uber and its Chinese rival Didi and India’s Ola, and it wants all of them to make money

Uber used software to remotely lock employee computers, alter passwords to thwart authorities globally: report

12 Jan 2018

Nvidia pushes into computing, teams up with Uber and Volkswagen

08 Jan 2018

After hiatus, Uber to relaunch auto services in Bengaluru, Pune

08 Jan 2018

Kalanick to sell 29% of his stake in Uber amid SoftBank deal

05 Jan 2018

Former Uber Technologies Inc chief executive officer Travis Kalanick, who has long boasted that he has never sold any shares in the company he co-founded, plans to sell about 29 per cent of his stake in the ride-hailing company

SoftBank-led group to buy 20% stake in Uber at 30% discount

29 Dec 2017

Uber working on deal to sell US auto-leasing business Xchange to Fair: report

27 Dec 2017

Uber a transport provider, rules EU court

23 Dec 2017