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Tatas 57th in global ranking: Brand Finance news
28 April 2008

Mumbai: The Tata Group's international acquisitions over the past two years seems to have enhanced the group's global brand image. At least, that is what independent brand consulting firm Brand Finance has to say.

Accoridng to Brand Finance, the Tata Group has jumped 45 places from 103 in January 2007 (basis 2006 data) to the 57 position worldwide, valued at $11.4 billion. Brand Finance looks after the management and valuations of brands.

However, American brands dominate the top ten list, with Coca-Cola heading the the list,  followed by other American brands such as Microsoft, Google, Wal-Mart, IBM and GE. The world's local bank, the UK based HSBC ranks 7th on the list.

The Business Standard quoted R Gopalakrishnan, executive director of Tata Sons, expressing his elation over the achievement, as saying "For the first time, an Indian brand has got into the list of the largest global brands, although it is number 57,'' and also quoted him as saying, ''apart from the apparent glamour, it is hard work."

The Tata group would have spent around $25 billion over a five year period as part of their acquisitions.

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Tatas 57th in global ranking: Brand Finance