Amitabh Bachchan is Reid & Taylor's new brand ambassador

Mumbai: The famous tag line from Reid & Taylor, 'Bond with the Best', now has a new face. S Kumars, the makers of Reid and Taylor, India's leading luxury suitings, has announced that it has now appointed legendary superstar Amitabh Bachchan as its new brand ambassador.

Says S Kumars managing director Nitin Kasliwal: "We needed a brand ambassador who could 'Indianise' the brand personality. Our singular brand promise, 'Bond with the Best', needed an Indian persona, a figure who will appeal not only to the classes, but also the masses.

"This, I believe, is very important for a brand to grow and hence we decided that it is time to propel the brand to a new vision, a new dimension. Hence, our natural choice was the legendary superstar — Amitabh Bachchan. We had achieved our target of reaching out to 'India' with James Bond superstar Pierce Brosnan. Now, with Bachchan, we want to touch the real 'Bharat'."

Says Bachchan: "It gives me great pleasure to be associated with one of the leading international suiting brands in the world — Reid & Taylor. It is a privilege and honour to be considered brand ambassador for Reid & Taylor and I sincerely hope that I can contribute in my own way to make Reid & Taylor's vision of reaching out to 'Bharat' a reality."

Reid & Taylor has been uniquely positioned as 'luxury suiting'. This redefinition of the category was instrumental in differentiating it from the other 'premium' suitings then available. This, coupled with the brand promise of 'Bond with the Best', ensured a distinct positioning, remembered by customers.

While retaining the understated elegance of the Scottish cloth, Reid & Taylor designers created masterpieces that appealed to Indian sensibilities as well. Made by skilled craftsmen and workers in Mysore, the fabric has the hallmark of superior cloth, impeccable finish, fall and texture.

The Reid & Taylor product range starts from Rs 300 per metre until Rs 4,900 a metre, thus appealing to a wide socio-economic stratum. It is available across the length and breadth of the country in more than 3,000 outlets and 12 exclusive stores.

Over its 53-year-old heritage, S Kumars have delivered immense value to the Indian customer through its rich choice in fabrics. The company was the first to introduce merchandising of textile and textile products, terene sarees and innovative marketing practices like fashion road shows across the country.

S Kumars entered into an understanding with Reid & Taylor Scotland in 1996 to procure and market the fine-wool suiting fabrics in India with a view to increasing its offerings in the upmarket premium segment. At present, Reid & Taylor occupies 10-per cent market share of India's worsteds market of approximately Rs 2,000 crore.