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Sprint's Boost Mobile launches Slash Your Payment in Half campaign

20 June 2015

Following the lead given by its parent company Sprint, Boost Mobile, is offering a limited-time deal for prospective customers. The Slash Your Payment in Half promotion, as it is called comes as the prepaid equivalent to Sprint's tier-one deal.

Starting today and running through 20 July, Boost would cut the monthly rate plan in half for MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless defectors. The prepaid service provider said, customers could save $20 to $30 per month.

Under the promotion, a MetroPCS customer who received 2GB of data on a $40 rate plan would get 2.5GB data for $20 per month. Subscribers of Cricket on the 10 GB plan paid $60 per month while Boost would charge $30 per month for the same.

According to commentators, the promotion was appealing irrespective of whether it was for a limited period or not. Not only were the half-price rates attractive, but they also did not come with a long-term contract. Boost Mobile offers only prepaid service.

However, a deal this good would naturally come with some strings attached and for starters, customers would need to port their number over before 20 July to qualify.

It was also worth noting that the promotional rate expired after one year, and once 12 bill cycles had passed Boost would switch the customer over to a standard rate plan with a comparable amount of data.

Marcelo Claure, who took over as Sprint chief executive officer last year, had been able to  to reverse years of customer losses with half-price offers and tablet promotions. The effort had been especially successful with prepaid customers.

The first quarter saw Sprint add 546,000 pay-as-you-go users, beating AT&T, Verizon Communications and T-Mobile combined.

Sprint's focus on bargain hunters underscored the challenges the carrier faced in a market where growth had been falling and slashing prices was one of Sprint's few options as T- Mobile continued to attract more of the lucrative postpaid customers that tended to be more loyal and added additional family members and devices to their plans.

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