Sony India launches festive season marketing blitz

Sony India is all geared for the festive season with new ads for its premium brands – Bravia range of LCD TVs and Vaio Z range of laptops. Sony has already rolled out its multimedia campaign for Vaio, conceptualised by JWT, while Bravia is currently being aired.

Bravia will emphasise on the 'More pixels, great detail', while Vaio's peg is 'Break the Code'. The objective of the campaigns is to create awareness of the new technology that Sony Vaio and Sony Bravia offer. While Bravia epitomises better picture and sharper detail, Vaio evolves the new size of performance.

The Sony Vaio television campaign has a shot of a departure lounge of a metro rail station with business suit-clad executives. Most of them are seen carrying laptops. One gentleman seated in the lounge area is struggling with his small e-PC and has to even use a magnifying glass to peer at the tiny keypad. Suddenly, his face morphs into a mannequin-like rigidness, with only his eyes moving. A woman struggling with a heavy laptop also follows suit. This phenomenon then turns viral with everyone at the station transforming into plastic-faced people.

Enter a man holding a Sony Vaio Z laptop, who sits besides the magnifying glass-user. As soon as he presses the green start button on his Viao, the whole screen is filled with a green light, which also transforms the obsolete machines around and transforms them into Viao Z laptops. The people too revert to their 'human' form. The TV commercial ends with the tagline: 'Break the code'.

The Sony Bravia commercial, which has been on air for quite some time, features four Kathakali dancers. Suddenly one of them disintegrates into millions of coloured pixel cubes, leading the other three on a wild goose chase all over town befor finally getting into a blank Bravia LCD TVC screen. The commercial ends with the Kathakali dancer winking from the screen at his friends, reiterating the two million pixels in the Bravia LCD TV, and ends with the ragline: 'More pixels, Great Detail'.