BBM Voice, BBM Channels for Android and iOS to launch soon

28 January 2014

BlackBerry is planning to introduce voice calls for the rival Android and iOS platforms. Though the app went live on the rival platforms as a free app in October 2013, but at the time it was available all the BBM services available, most notably BBM Voice, BBM Channels (introduced for BB10 OS in November), and BBM Video, had not been made available.

According to report by news channel NDTV, this is expected to change as early as February  with BlackBerry launching BBM Voice and BBM Channels on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The report quoted Krishnadeep Baruah, senior director, channel marketing Asia Pacific at BlackBerry, saying with BBM there was a continual focus on security and privacy, while at the same time, BlackBerry was looking at opening it up for a wider user base with the general public.

BBM Voice, a BBM-based service allows users to make voice calls to other BBM users across the world at no additional charges. The BBM Channels allow users to form a group and interact on a social platform, which could be used by both corporates and individuals.

BBM Video is a video chat service that goes with BBM, though, the latest report speculating on the launch of BBM Voice and BBM Channels for Android and iOS makes no mention BBM Video, which according to commentators means it would not arrive on the rival platforms in the same period.

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