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ASA rules Renault's zero emission car ad claim misleading news
31 March 2010

Carmaker Renault's claims of having designed a range of zero emission electric have drawn the ire of advertising regulators who have banned the ad for misleading viewers.

A television advert by the company features a montage of cars and the impact on society with a voiceover claiming that for the company global warming goes beyond the emissions from the exhaust and it was an issue that the company addressed before, during and after manufacture.

The voiceover goes on to say that from next year, Renault would launch a range of zero emission vehicles to drive the car forward again.

Several viewers objected to Renault's claim pointing out that the use of electricity to charge the vehicles would produce emissions.
They also said the ad was misleading because it had not taken the full life-cycle of the vehicles into account.

Renault countered that the vehicles would be emissions free if powered by electricity from wind power or a renewable source.

The company said the ad was meant to convey the message that the vehicles when in use did not produce any emissions.

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ASA rules Renault's zero emission car ad claim misleading