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RK Swamy includes its MR firm Hansa in new group identity news
27 August 2008

The RK Swamy Group has decided to integrate the name Hansa in its corporate identity. Accordingly, the group's new identity, RK Swamy | Hansa, has been revamped to provide a more holistic view of its various businesses.

Hansa provides marketing services in India, and has divisions such as Hansa Research, Hansa Events and Activation, Hansa InfoSource, Hansa Consulting and Hansa Television.

Hansa acquired US-based GCR Custom Research, and also has a marketing subsidiary in the US, Hansa Marketing Services USA, Inc.

According to Srinivasan K Swamy, chairman and managing director of RK Swamy BBDO Pvt Ltd, ''the name RK Swamy only tells half the story of what we do. We are in the communications business, which RK Swamy BBDO is known for, but it is also a fact that we are India's No. 1 market research company that is fully owned and run by Indians. Hansa's brand equity forms an integral part of the company.''

Swamy says, ''RK Swamy | Hansa is unique because it has no overt foreign control, which put the company in a position to acquire companies and set its agenda for growth.'' He said that it was ''only proper'' to add Hansa to the corporate identity, Swamy said that the new identity makes the group identity more cohesive.

RK Swamy BBDO will remain the flagship for RK Swamy | Hansa. The agency has been part of the BBDO Worldwide network for over twenty years. 

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RK Swamy includes its MR firm Hansa in new group identity