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Mountain Dew dudes are backnews
New Delhi:
13 October 2003
New Delhi: The funky, thrill-seeking Mountain Dew dudes are back. After bungee-jumping off the Big Ben, roller-blading off the Sphinx and chasing down a cheetah, the awesome foursome are back with more crazy capers.

The new Mountain Dew commercial, which breaks on 15 October, has the Dew dudes performing a mind-blowing stunt in the most unexpected place - their office. But then, turning their office into an arena for performing breathtaking stunts is exactly what you'd expect the Dew dudes to do.

Says Pepsi Foods executive director (marketing) Shashi Kalathil: "Mountain Dew is all about a whole new lifestyle dimension for young people - daring, high-energy, high-intensity. Its unique association with adventure sports has helped establish an exhilarating brand experience that has put it on a sharp growth trajectory."

Pepsi's new carbonated drink Mountain Dew and the four Dew dudes with their cool, daredevil attitude were first introduced during the Cricket World Cup this year. The highly-successful campaign communicated the brand construct: "You haven't done anything if you haven't done the Dew… Dew is what the coolest do." The new campaign underlines this attitude and takes the story forward. If you liked 'Cheetah bhi peeta hai', you'll love the line at the end of this commercial.

Mountain Dew has been among the most successful product launches the soft drink industry has seen, having already achieved unprecedented growth in the first six months of its launch. Last month, Mountain Dew won the gold medal at the All-India Promo Power awards for the best product launch.

The product launch in February was supported by a 24-city road show, which put an entire adventure games carnival within the consumer's reach, at the city's hot spots like multiplexes, malls, colleges and quick-serve restaurants. Top international BMX bike riders and skate boarders were specially flown in to demonstrate the concept of adventure sports. This road show made the sampling drive an overwhelming success.

The launch of Dew was further sustained by a 16-city tour of the specially designed Dewmobile, coupled with a slogan contest on Dew's popular baseline 'Cheetah bhi peeta hai', with the Dewmobile as the top prize.

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Mountain Dew dudes are back