Nivea and MTV's fun element campaign

Nivea and MTV are bringing back the fun element into the users life, that too in their office. 'Nivea MTV What's Your Sport' is bringing games to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore into offices, colleges or local malls.

Through the campaign, Nivea is looking to promote a new deodorant, Nivea Deodorant Sport, targeted at men. MTV hopes to have a larger brand connect with its target audience.

The campaign was launched in the second week of October and will go on till 15 November, covering 20 offices, 10 colleges and two local malls in each of the three cities.

The activity engages the participants in inventive and fun games, such as file lifting, hurdle race, tie it up or wheel prix. In wheel prix, for instance, participants are required to wheel their partners through the curviest race path at work on office chairs. In tie it up, the shoelaces of the participants are tied together for a race.

"While the common perception is that MTV is a teen brand, we do engage the young adult demo as well," says Aditya Swamy, senior vice-president, Viacom Brand Solutions, Viacom18.
"These people are looking at ways to destress their action packed days and relive the carefree years gone by. Nivea MTV What's Your Sport! brings the madness of MTV right back into their daily lives, while reinforcing Nivea Sports Deo's positioning of giving consumers the confidence to do just about anything."
Soma Ghosh, marketing director, Nivea, says, "We all have jam-packed schedules and hardly any time to do any sports. Amongst all this hectic running around, we need to find an element of sport in our daily activities. Building on this core thought, Nivea Deodorant Sport positioned itself on the concept, 'Every Day is a Sport'. Nivea Deodorant brought alive this concept through a TV commercial and on-ground activation, which let men experience the sports they do during the course of their daily routine."