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PepsiCo to revamp Tropicana advertising, marketing and packaging in the US news
10 January 2009

Tropicana Products, the juice drinks business unit of US soft drinks maker PepsiCo , has launched a marketing and advertising campaign for its Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice brand in the US.

The juice will be branded '100% orange' under the campaign, which will feature revamped packaging.

PepsiCo is retiring its longtime straw logo and carton design for the Tropicana juice brand. Now instead of the straw stuck in the orange, there will be a tall glass filled with Tropicana and an orange-coloured twist cap atop large cartons shaped like halved oranges to look like "an orange is squeezed into every carton"

'Squeeze', a multimedia campaign, the first for the Tropicana brand, has been created at a budget of over $35 million by its new agency, the Arnell Group in New York, part of the Omnicom Group.

PepsiCo expects the new campaign to position Tropicana as the premium orange juice, and help its sales being canabalised from other own-label juices.

The campaign carries the typographically challenging theme "Squeeze it's a natural," which is intended to evoke the way oranges are turned into Tropicana along with the warm way in which the company wants consumers to embrace the brand.

The campaign is among several efforts by PepsiCo to stimulate sales for its brands with worldwide retail sales of $1 billion or more.

In addition to Tropicana, products like Diet Pepsi, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Pepsi-Cola and Quaker are benefiting from some or all of the following: new campaigns, new agencies, new varieties, new logos, new packaging.

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PepsiCo to revamp Tropicana advertising, marketing and packaging in the US