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Nissan promotes Nissan Sports Adventure with Yahoo! ad campaign news
27 February 2009

Nissan has created a new advertising campaign to promote its ski resorts in order to raise its profile among the youth. Nissan has created a pan-European campaign using a dedicated microsite, sponsorship of the Yahoo! Ski section and online ads through the Yahoo! ad network for the next month.

The Nissan All Mode Run is a specially designed area on the mountain to enhance your agility, control and power. Each time a run is completed a specifically developed multi-burst camera will take hi-res images of the action. At the end you'll receive a special sticker, which in enables you to view the day either with Nissan staff later that evening or through the photo sharing website Flickr.

In selected bars in each resort you will be able to watch videos from one of the UK's leading extreme sports filming companies - Black Diamond. All bars will have an area reserved for the All Mode 'pit stop'. An area within the après ski bar where guests get to relax and view their photos. The ticket received on piste gains you access to the VIP area and maybe a free drink or two!

Yahoo! has created a microsite for Nissan's campaign to provide local information and interactive entertainment to skiers visiting any of the five ski resorts in which Nissan has installed its All Mode Runs at

The site also hosts a blog, written by those who work for Nissan in the resort, and offers restaurant recommendations, shopping tips and bar reviews. An 'Insiders Guide' written by the editor of Snowboard UK magazine provides an expert point of view for keen skiers on the latest and best in professional skiing.

Nissan is sponsoring the Yahoo! Ski section for the entire ski season in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Nissan is also promoting the activity online via targeted display advertising on Yahoo!, Flickr and Yahoo! Network.

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Nissan promotes Nissan Sports Adventure with Yahoo! ad campaign