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McDonald's changing packaging and remodelling US locations news
08 December 2008

McDonald's is busily remodeling its US locations, accessorising interiors with flat-panel televisions and plush chairs. In early November the economic eatery began new across its 13,900 US outlets.

The new packaging is splashed with bold text and crisp imagery. Unlike the previous no-frills white and red box, the new Big Mac container, for example, triumphantly exclaims in heavy block text, "There is only one." On one side, there is marketing copy in large print, while, on another, the vegetables, cheese, and cooking utensils used in the burger's making are highlighted.

Besides, retaining the nutritional information required by food labeling laws, McDonalds will now have a partially peeled potato on the front on its iconic red, yellow, and white French fry package.

Smaller sandwiches will retain their simpler paper wrapper, though new versions are adorned with block text similar to boxed products.

True to its global mission, the company plans to introduce its latest design over the next two years in every one of the 118 countries in which it operates. That includes translations into 21 languages.

McDonald's last redesigned its packaging in 2003, but this is the first time it has attempted to employ a uniform look and feel the world over.

McDonald's started working with Boxer, a branding firm based in Birmingham, England, on the new packaging in August 2007 to make the global brand locally relevant.

In Australia, for instance, packaging highlights beef sourced in nearby New Zealand. In Argentina, some sandwiches feature images of marinated seasoned onions, a regional delicacy. And throughout Europe, Le Hamburger's ciabatta roll is called out, while India has the Aloo tikki burger.

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McDonald's changing packaging and remodelling US locations