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Ipca launches India's first novel injectible antibiotic combinationnews
Our Corporate Bureau
20 May 2004

Mumbai: Ipca Laboratories Ltd. has launched a novel injectable antibiotic combination of cefotaxime sodium with sulbactam sodium for the first time in the country. Cefotaxime sodium is a beta lactam antibiotic belonging to third generation cephalosporin group while sulbactam sodium is a beta lactamase inhibitor.

Growing bacterial resistance to antibiotics is posing a major challenge in the management of infections. This combination is a significant attempt to tackle the menace of bacterial resistance.

Cefotaxime sodium is one of the largest and most widely used antibiotic in clinical practice, useful in the treatment of moderate to severe community acquired as well as hospital acquired infections. Bacterial resistance is threatening the usefulness of this antibiotic. Combination with sulbactam sodium restores the usefulness of this time - tested antibiotic.

Ipca Laboratories is a fully integrated, fast growing pharmaceutical major, with a strong thrust on exports. With operations in 93 countries, exports now account for over 55 percent of sales. The company was selected by Forbes magazine in 2003 among its top 200 successful rising companies outside USA, with sales under USD 1 billion.


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Ipca launches India's first novel injectible antibiotic combination