Ipca Laboratories
Global Fund stops sourcing IPCA's anti-malaria drug
08 April 2016
Ipca to make open offer for 26% stake in Krebs on 9 November
04 November 2015
Canadian regulator asks Ipca to stop API exports
22 September 2014
Ipca Labs looks to acquire pharma unit in Indonesia
28 September 2011
Ipca Labs buys UK-based Onyx Research Chemicals
09 August 2011
Ipca Labs, US-based Heritage to market cardiovascular tablet, Propranolol in the US
13 October 2008
Ipca''s anti-malarial product Artesunate pre-qualified by WHO
15 September 2007
Ipca-Ranbaxy alliance to market Metformin HCL tablets in US
14 August 2007
Ipca - Ranbaxy alliance receive US FDA marketing approval for atenolol tablets
02 January 2007
Ipca's 'Atenolol' bulk drug registered in China
29 December 2006
IPCA phases out single ingredient malarial drug; launches India's first ACT
06 October 2006
Ipca Laboratories in marketing alliance with Ranbaxy for US sales
21 September 2006
Ipca launches India's first novel injectible antibiotic combination
20 May 2004
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