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Fujitsu's new supercomputer for RIKEN's up and running news
08 August 2009

Japanese hardware maker Fujitsu has announced that it has recently completed the deployment of a new supercomputer for Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, known as RIKEN. The system began operations in August.

The new supercomputer system achieved a LINPACK(1) benchmark performance of 97.94 teraflops(2). In comparison to the PC cluster systems included in the June 2009 world TOP500 list(3), the system's performance ranks first in Japan.

About the new supercomputer

Massively Parallel PC Cluster

The new system, called the RIKEN Integrated Cluster of Clusters (RICC), is a complex system comprised of three separate computing sub-systems, each with a specific purpose: a massively parallel PC cluster, a large capacity memory server, and multipurpose parallel PC cluster. In addition, each computing sub-system is connected to a common front-end system, and disk and tape systems.

Massively Parallel PC Cluster
The massively parallel PC cluster is comprised of 1,024 of Fujitsu's PRIMERGY RX200 S5 PC servers, with 2,048 CPUs (8,192 cores).

The supercomputer's operating environment includes Parallelnavi, Fujitsu's HPC middleware which integrates the system management functions, high-speed file system, and program-development environment. The system is also equipped with an HPC job-management tool, the "Meta-Job Scheduler," which enables integrated management of massively parallel jobs on multiple clusters as a whole.

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Fujitsu's new supercomputer for RIKEN's up and running