Auto China 2008: Daimler to launch the 'Smart fortwo' in China in 2009

German car company, Daimler AG will launch the 'Smart fortwo' micro car in China in mid-2009.

Addressing the press at Auto China 2008 in Beijing, the company CEO Dieter  Zetsche announced that the Smart brand has good sales potential in China because of demand for small cars in the market.

The Smart for two is ideally designed for the Chinese market and combines modern technology, premium quality and safety. Features such as low fuel consumption and  low CO2 emissions with a unique space concept, which will be useful in the dense traffic of China's numerous large cities.

Moreover, due to a global outcry, environmental awareness is greatly increasing across the world including China. Today, a majority of  the fast-moving urban customers in China demand cars, that are trendy and sleek in design rather than just being a mere functional means of transport.

Taking these developments into consideration, plus setting up a strong foothold  in the world's fastest-growing automobile market, Mercedes-Benz  decided to launch the "original" two-seater Smart fortwo on the Chinese market in 2009.