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Colgate is India's No 1 brand once again news
Our Corporate Bureau
22 February 2002

Mumbai: Colgate has once again been rated the No 1 brand across all categories in A&M's annual survey of 'India's Top Brands,' conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres-Mode.

Powered by a rise in its brand 'Power Score,' from 53.91 in the last annual survey to 56.2 in 2001, this is the eighth time in nine surveys that Colgate has been ranked the country's No 1 brand since the survey was introduced in 1992.

In its analysis, the survey report said: "Colgate does it again. Eight out of nine times it emerged as India's top brand. It scores significantly high, whichever way you look at it. It also shows a very strong rural presence, underlining the success of Colgate's distribution and marketing programme."

In the metro segment Colgate leads with a Power Score of 62.8 (No 2 at 55.6); in the urban segment it is No 1 with a power score of 57.4 (No 2 at 48.6); in the rural segment it has scored 55.1 (No 2 at 42.6).

Commenting on the ranking, a Colgate spokesperson said: "To be rated the top brand consecutively in all but one of the past nine years since the survey was introduced, especially in an environment of fierce competition and shifting brand loyalties, is a reaffirmation of the trust, loyalty and confidence reposed in Colgate by millions of consumers across India."

She added: "The Mera Colgate campaign struck a special chord with our consumers reaffirming the core brand values of caring and protection. The survey results showing the increase in our Power Scores and the widening brand leadership over all other brands, are an independent external validation that our commitment to deliver superior quality products consistently and our tight focus on brand-building has been well received."

Dettol was ranked the No 2 brand with a score of 43.6, followed by the Tatas with a score of 43.2. The Power Score quantifies the response to the brand from the market, represented by a scientifically-taken sample of Indian consumers, both urban and rural in all four regions of the country.

Respondents were asked to react to a set of seven statements on their attitude towards the brands being surveyed - "It has never let me down," "Newer brands have not been able to affect its popularity," "It is worth a higher price," "I trust this brand," "I cannot do without this brand," "I love this brand" and "It has something no other brand has."

Colgate continues to be a brand that cuts across all barriers, topping in 12 out of 14 segments (west, south, metro, urban, rural, housewife, main-earner, young male, young female, section A/B, section C/D and section E). Further, the survey shows Colgate commanding the top slot on brand loyalty with 82 per cent of all those who recognise the brand also claiming to use it.

Colgate-Palmolive (India) is India's leading provider of consumer products sold under nationally recognised brand names as Colgate (scientifically proven oral-care products that have become an essential part of daily oral hygiene and therapeutic oral care), Palmolive (personal hygiene and skincare products) and Axion (household care).

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Colgate is India's No 1 brand once again