Chrysler to recall 850,000 SUV's over braking glitch

US carmaker Chrysler is recalling more than 850,000 sports utility vehicles globally over a possible braking problem, making this its second major recall in a month.

Chrysler SUV CarThe recall affects October 2011 to October 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durango SUV models, years made between 2011-2014, including an estimated 644,354 in the US.

The recall also includes 42,000 in Canada, 21,000 in Mexico and around 160,000 outside North America.

The Detroit-based car maker said that these vehicles may experience a hard brake pedal feel during certain braking events.

It said it launched an investigation after receiving customer feedback about excessive brake-pedal firmness.

Chrysler launched an investigation after receiving customer feedback and found out that certain vehicles have brake boosters with small crimp joints, and these joints may corrode when exposed to water.

''Should water enter the boosters through corroded joints – a previously unseen occurrence – brake function may be compromised if the water freezes,'' Chrysler said in a release.

The carmaker said that it is aware of one related accident and no injuries.

Chrysler's dealers will inspect the brake boosters on these affected vehicles and may replace them free of costs if their capability has been reduced. All boosters will be equipped with a shield to insulate their crimp joints from water.

The latest recall comes after Chrysler last month recalled about 25,000 Grand Cherokees and Durango Cherokees from the 2012 and 2013 model years for excessive brake pedal pressure due to a defective part in their "Ready-Alert Braking" system.