Cargill launches ActiLite oil

Mumbai: After the resounding success of its flagship Nature Fresh brand of branded packaged food products, Cargill Foods has launched ActiLite, a new refined blended oil that is light and good for health.

ActiLite is a refined blended oil that contains the power of two — the lightness of sunflower and the nutrition of soyabean. ActiLite offers a right balance of three kinds of fat (MUFA, PUFA and SFA) and is, therefore, a healthy well-balanced oil.

ActiLite provides the added advantage of being a light oil because of its excellent refining process, which removes all impurities, colour pigments and wax, making it almost transparent and very light.

ActiLite is available in transparent packaging, which has been the hallmark of Nature Fresh Oils, and allows the consumer to see the lightness of the oil before they purchase it. ActiLite is available across India and is priced at:
SKU West Bengal / Bihar / Jharkhand / J&K /A&N / NESA Rest of India
1 L pouch 61 59
2 L pouch 130 126
5 L pouch 315 305

Cargill is one of the biggest food companies in the world having more than 130 years of expertise in food grain selection and processing. It is the world's biggest producer, processor, and refiner of sunflower oil. Cargill has made quantum leaps in the small period of two years in the Indian food market.

Having entered into the Indian market recently, Nature Fresh today is the second-largest multinational atta brand in India and has a steadily growing market share in all the regions. The brand has also attained a double-digit market share in the branded refined edible oils category, and has made good inroads in the basmati rice and salt categories as well.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Cargill Foods is a $45-billion company ranked 45th in sales in the Fortune magazine's Global 500 and fifth among the companies in the prepared foods category in the magazine's ranking of the top 250 global food companies in 1999.