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Capgemini reinforces global branding campaign news
20 November 2008

Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, is reinforcing its global branding campaign, first launched in 2007, with the adoption of a multi-cultural focus. Capgemini's approach is original for a B2B firm and unique in the IT and consulting industry for taking this approach.

The ''Together, Free our energies'' slogan will now be associated with three different representations of the same scenario, each drawn by three cartoonists representing European, North American and Indian audiences. As of October, the new global campaign will be launched in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and India through outdoor (airports), press and online advertising campaigns.

By associating its slogan ''Together. Free our energies'' with cartoon illustrations, Capgemini already stood out in 2007 from the imagery used by the IT and Consulting industry. The Group has decided to maintain the strong imagery (cartoon illustrations) built around its brand and the creative principles of the global campaign while going one step further with innovation to reinforce the impact of its message in its different markets.

Underpinning Capgemini's branding communication for several years now, the Collaborative Business Experience - a unique way of working with clients and a major differentiator for the company - is linked to the benefits brought to clients: to help them to transform and improve their performance, while developing their freedom to act and be innovative. The visuals associated with this global slogan, will differ according to geographic regions. In Europe, the group's established market, Capgemini will continue to use the illustrations of cartoonist Ted Benoît, who combines the graphic language of the ''Clear Line'' movement pioneered by Hergé in ''The Adventures of Tintin''. In North America, the group is adopting a modern style of ''comics'' by collaborating with Neal Adams, a pioneer in his field since he produced the very first Superman cartoons. In India, a strategic market for Capgemini particularly in terms of recruitment, the group has opted for a ''Bollywood'' style, young and dynamic, working with illustrator Sahebrao Hare.

The global brand campaign that was launched in India last year, with the tag line, ''Together. Free your energies'', was a huge success, and we could clearly demonstrate the value we bring in as an industry leader to our clients. This year, the campaign will continue to focus on Capgemini's desire to work with our clients, to help them transform, improve their performance, and 'Free their Energies'. Our strength comes our multicultural ethos, wherein people from different nationalities synergize their strengths to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. I am quite excited by this campaign launching again in India, and look forward to its positive impact, on our clients, on our people, and the business itself.'' said Salil Parekh, CEO, Capgemini India.

''This campaign expresses the values and the very identity of Capgemini: a global company but, conscious of its cultural diversity and its proximity to clients that it has in the different countries where the group is present,'' underlines Philippe Grangeon, Group Marketing & Communications Director, Capgemini. ''The strength of a brand is an asset to develop. We continue to invest in line with our commitments in order to reinforce our leadership in certain countries like France or Holland or to raise awareness in India or the North American continent.''

Capgemini is extending its multi-cultural approach to the web giving each market, European, North American and Indian, the possibility to adapt the content of the banners that will appear on their main news and business information sites. Not only an efficient means to communicate content, the internet also enables Capgemini to innovative and personalize interaction with internet users, notably through the use of search engines, professional networks and RSS feeds. Following the success of the ''buzz'' campaign launched in 2007, which brought to the forefront the fictitious enterprise Highlet, which was seen by over 250,000 people, the internet will again serve as the vehicle for the new global ''buzz'' campaign that Capgemini plans to launch in October.

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Capgemini reinforces global branding campaign