Bajaj makes moms into rock stars

When Bajaj Electricals asked Leo Burnett to revamp the positioning for its range of home appliances, the agency decided to shift focus to the all but forgotten consumer.
"We observed that the lady of the house plays several roles simultaneously - a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law - and plays them all to perfection. She relentlessly and selflessly serves the family, yet doesn't get enough appreciation from them," says K V (Pops) Sridhar.
What comes to the aid here is the world class technology of Bajaj Home appliances. As R. Ramakrishnan, executive director, Bajaj Electricals Ltd. puts it, "Speed and performance has been a virtue associated with several Bajaj products for a long time. Communication for our core products has always claimed the core category benefit. From mixer grinders (Zordar peese, fatafat peese) to water heaters (Jhatpat garam, garma garam) and even fans (Sabse tez). In essence, we help the homemaker do everything around the house, much quicker and better and thereby make them Rock Star Moms!''
This gave birth to the central creative idea of the campaign. Which is, how Bajaj Appliances let the homemaker do everything 'chutki mein' and how the entire family acknowledges  and appreciates her contribution, paying the ultimate tribute to her by elevating her to the status of a 'Rockstar Mommy'.
The idea was executed as a rock song where visually we see a "Rock Star" strumming a guitar, belting out a peppy song, stepping into a modern kitchen and orchestrating various Bajaj Appliances to whip up a lavish spread for her family and having loads of fun, even as they cheer her on, as her "fans". She gets transformed from being just a simple mom into becoming a "Rock Star Mommy" in their eyes!
Ramakrishnan adds " This concept is extended to another commercial, which showcases how mornings are the most chaotic time for the entire family and how with the help of Bajaj Appliances, the 'Rock star mom' makes everything fall into place from getting the kids ready for school after a hot shower, whipping up a fabulous breakfast, ironing the clothes and getting a steaming coffee for her hubby and making all this look so easy and loads of fun!''
Arvind Sharma, chairman of the Indian sub continent, says of the campaign "We've had a long standing and fruitful association with Bajaj Electricals. The new stance on home appliances is quite different from what's been done before, both on the brand and in the category. I believe that differentiated positioning & clutter-breaking execution will bring in rich dividends for them".