BPL Mobile is now Loop Mobile

BPL Mobile, Mumbai's oldest and longest standing mobile service brand is now Loop Mobile, the newest telecom brand in the city. The new brand identity and the Loop Mobile logo was unveiled yesterday.

The company says the rebranding to Loop Mobile was carried out to reposition BPL as a fresh new brand.

 ''The change of the brand name to Loop Mobile is a well thought out conclusion of a journey that had begun some time back," says Sanjeev Chachondia, CEO, Loop Mobile (India) Limited (formerly BPL Mobile Communications Ltd.) elaborating on the rationale behind the rebranding.

Launched by Rajeev Chanfrashekhar in 1995, BPL Mobile has built up a subscriber base of 2 million in Mumbai in the last 13 years, battling it out for numbers with arch rival Hutch that changed iitself from Orange to Vodafone when Hutchison Whampoa sold its majority stake in Hutchison-Essar to Vodafone in May 2007 (See: Vodafone pays $10.9 billion to complete Hutch deal).  

Chachondia said "For a telco brand that is Mumbai's oldest, we understand the pulse and rhythm of the Mumbaikar. Our dedication towards our subscribers and our efforts in continuing to maintain the high performance standards and service delivery has always been acknowledged by various surveys including that done by the regulator. Mumbai's oldest network is now also its newest one and already commands a healthy 2 million customers and rapidly growing.''

Loop Mobile comes with a brand new network too - the company has announced the completion of its network expansion and has now doubled its capacity by deploying the latest NGIP (next generation internet protocol) and EDGE (enhanced data rates for GSM evolution) technology. With this, Loop  will be able to offer customers seamless execution of value-added services as well as micro-segmented and value enhancing tariffs that it plans to roll out for their subscribers.

Chachondia added, ''Results of all up-gradation work is already showing. Our network capacity has doubled and the minute of usage has gone up by 85%, which is exceptional. With this change, we are all set to add momentum towards rapid growth and expansion; and want to reiterate our commitment towards our customers and ensure they have an enriching experience.''

BPL Mobile has consistently met and exceeded the TRAI Quality of Services standards. BPL Mobile ranked No 1 in overall satisfaction amongst the GSM operators as per the new TRAI report on Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction Survey of telecom services in Mumbai. BPL Mobile also topped in the Voice&Data - SAARC Mobile User satisfaction Survey (2008) in network services category with 98.2% users of BPL Mobile voting in its favour.