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World's largest Wrangler store in Bangalore recreates 'urban cowboy image'news
Our Convergence Bureau
23 August 2006
Mumbai: The  theme of fashion denim brand Wrangler's largest store in the world, which opened at Bangalore's 100 ft Road, Indiranagar, yesterday, has been based on Wrangler's 'urban cowboy' image.

Wrangler's image of 'the spirit of the urban cowboy' is reflected in the interiors of the 3000-sq ft store; visuals with keywords suggesting attitudes like 'flammable, nothing else matters' are used extensively in the brand's new retail format. The black and white images are accentuated with Wrangler's bright yellow. Also displayed are bright yellow frames with heritage images of Wrangler displayed against white walls to create an interesting contrast. A neon lasso runs on the ceiling of the store to highlight the modern urban look.

The heritage of Wrangler goes back literally a hundred years to 1904 when its original manufacturer, the Blue Bell Company was founded. Since then, VF Corporation - the world's largest apparel company and owner of Wrangler - has ensured that the branding continues to be the 'cowboy' theme expressing freedom, independence and self-reliance. Not only was Wrangler the first modern day five-pocket jeans to be test-fitted and endorsed by real-life cowboy rodeos, it was also the first denim brand to introduce denim in broken twill - a weave that prevents the jeans legs from twisting, a common complaint of jeans wearers.

The store window on the first floor showcases the Fall-Winter campaign 'On the Road' with gigantic LP records, the mannequins are styled in thematic merchandise and props like electric guitars, microphones, etc, are used extensively to highlight the theme. The ground floor window display too is an extension of the 'On the Road' theme, with a drum in one section and the Wrangler brand ambassador, model-turned-actor John Abraham's bike in the other with mannequins as accessories for the theme. Wrangler has also imported a metal bull for the display.

Speaking at the launch, Darshan Mehta, president, Arvind Brands Ltd, said, "Wrangler has come a long way since its re-launch in India in the year 2000. We have made tremendous changes in the brand. The focus has shifted towards being fashion-oriented and more youthful. Our largest store will offer a very exciting retail experience for our discerning consumers and is a testimony to the success the brand has achieved in India."

The store has an entire section dedicated to brand ambassador Abraham. The Abraham section is an eclectic mix of what John Abraham as a brand represents for the Wrangler image. The section has a bike wall where different parts of motorcycles mounted on the wall to make an artistic collage. The bike parts have been painted in 'Wrangler yellow' to create a contrast against the sleeper wood backdrop. In addition, the section has a display of some of John's famous movie posters like and memorabilia like his handprints, calendars, bicycle, etc.

Another interesting feature is the POP wall - a mural with props like mannequin head, ropes, chains, three dimensional denim jeans combined in an interesting way with plaster of paris and white paint. The wall has a raw and rugged look complementing the Wrangler denim styles. There's also a helmet wall where the entire wall section is covered with biking helmets.

And to complete the urban cowboy theme is a studio apartment, which reflects the look. The display has a set up with mannequins, retro-looking television and props like Old CDs with a player, cowboy hat, guitar, floor cushions and Venetian blinds.

Arvind Brands Ltd brought Wrangler to India. There are curently 41 Wrangler stores across the country and plans are afoot to open 14 more stores by the end of the year.

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World's largest Wrangler store in Bangalore recreates 'urban cowboy image'