India prominent in Audi's global branding

Audi's growing presence in India is not underlined solely by the growing volume of its cars on Indian roads, but also by the German car makers global brand building exercise, which has India occupying an significant slot.

The Terminal Concept Design it introduced for its showroom display saw Audi expand aggressively setting up state-of-the art showrooms across the country, starting with Kochi, moving onto Kolkata, then on to Bengaluru and Jaipur and finally Mumbai.

With its growing presence, Audi India, according to analysts, is doing the groundwork for bringing its Indian customers closer to the automaker's luxurious sedans and 'blitzy' super sports car offerings in India.

Gaining on size with every new dealership Audi India opened its largest showroom in the capital, a few months after launching its massive 18,000 sq ft dealership in Andheri West, Mumbai in September 2010.

The new showroom in Delhi stands two stories high and offers an unprecedented 20 car display spread over a total area of 30,000 sq ft.

The Audi Delhi showroom was inaugurated by Michael Perschke, head, Audi India and Raghav Chandra, managing director, Audi Delhi (Regent Garage Pvt Ltd).

The opening of this landmark showroom also saw the unveiling of the  flagship Audi A8 L, which was launched earlier this month.