Apple launches Quad –Core based iMacs in India

Apple has updated its line-up of all-in-one iMac computers with new models getting quad-core Intel Sandy Bridge processors, AMD Radeon HD graphics and Thunderbolt technology.

For Apple, this week's launch marks the first time the company has refreshed its flagship desktop line in over 9 months. The timing of the launch is also crucial given that iMac -- and Mac desktops in general are rapidly approaching an all-time low when it comes to their share of the Mac's product mix.

With Apple transitioning to a full-fledged mobile company, the share of Mac shipments has declined from above 50 per cent of the company's Mac product shipments in first quarter of 2006 to just 26 per cent of the total Mac units shipped during the second fiscal quarter of 2011.

The All-in-one 2011 iMac models will feature faster quad-core Intel Core i5 processors from Sandy Bridge family for better computational performance. The new 21.5-inch 2011 iMac models come with one Thunderbolt port while 27-inch models feature two Thunderbolt ports. With the new Intel bred Thunderbolt data transfer technology users can expect data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. Besides, Thunderbolt also supports DisplayPort for hooking high resolution displays and works with HDMI, DVI and VGA adapters.

Powered by the new line AMD Radeon HD 6700 series graphic processors the iMac line of desktops will now offer the best graphical output to add to the users' enjoyment as they view movies or play games. The FaceTime HD camera mounted on top centre of the iMac display will allow video calling at higher resolution.

The prices for various models and their configuration are as follows: