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Amazon stops sales of Nest products after tiff with Google

03 March 2018

Business Insider reports that Amazon's retail team told Nest on a call that the e-commerce website will no longer list the Google-owned company's newer products, including Nest's new thermostats and its Secure home security system launched late last year.

While the team did not say who exactly issued the order, it reportedly told Nest's employees that the decision "came from the top." According to commentators, what is not clear is whether Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is behind the move, but Nest is apparently responding in kind by leaving the website altogether.

According to Business Insider, once Nest's current inventory on Amazon gets sold out, its stocks would not be replenished. Nest wants its whole portfolio to be featured on the platform.

It would rather not sell anything on the website at all if it cannot, though it is still not clear whether it means even third-party sellers cannot list Nest devices on the marketplace.

An Amazon rep told Engadget that the company does not have an official response to the report, but she did not deny it either.

It may be pointed out that Amazon recently acquired Ring's smart doorbell business and it is expected to integrate Ring's products into its ecosystem and to find more possible Alexa tie-ins.

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