Tata Group

Cummins opens three new plants at Pune megasite

15 Jan 2011

Tata Tele's Anil Sardana to succeed Prasad Menon as MD, Tata power

14 Jan 2011

Radia tapes: Tata Group boycotts several publications

13 Jan 2011

Government lax, media unethical, Tata tells SC

13 Jan 2011

Ratan Tata voiced the criticism in an affidavit filed in the court in response to the government's reply to his petition seeking protection of his right to privacy

Tata Global Beverages launches soccer tournament for kids

13 Dec 2010

Tata International to buy majority stake in Bachi Shoes

13 Dec 2010

Rules tweaked to keep Tatas out of aviation

16 Nov 2010

Details are beginning to emerge about how successive governments changed aviation rules to keep the Tatas out of aviation

Tatas won't bribe their way back into airline business: Ratan Tata

15 Nov 2010

Tata group's proposals in 1995, 2000 and 2010 had met with controversies over strategic sale in a PSU as also employee and political opposition.

Difficult to trade one great job for another: Nooyi on speculated Tata offer

09 Nov 2010

First Tata-Sikorsky copter cabin rolls out from AP SEZ

08 Nov 2010

Rolling out out the first made-in-India Sikorksy S-92 helicopter cabin, Tata Advanced Systems is now firming up plans to set up another helicopter cabin production facility in partnership with Augusta Westland

First Tata-made copter cabin ready for export from AP SEZ

01 Nov 2010

Tata Advanced Systems Ltd's helicopter manufacturing facility currently makes cabins for the Sikorsky-92 helicopters for exports to the US

Tata Beverages forms JV with Pepsi for health drinks

29 Oct 2010

The Tata group's F&B arm is investing in a  50:50 joint venture with Pepsico India  to into a brand licensing and a manufacturing agreement for overseas marketing

Tata International enters footwear retail segment with Tashi

28 Oct 2010

Tata Global Beverages invests in US vitamin-enhanced beverage maker Activate

27 Oct 2010

The investment will be in the form of $6 million in cash and another $15 million in equity commitments

Tata Housing launches low-cost project at Vasind

12 Oct 2010

Tata Group seeks early nod for Karnataka investment propoals

29 Sep 2010

Tata Steel to finalise $5.4-bn Corus debt refinance

28 Sep 2010

Tata Steel, which is nursing a debt of around $9.5 billion is planning to refinance around $4.5-5.5 billion of its outstanding European loans

Corus becomesTata Steel

28 Sep 2010

The re-branding will bring to an end to the 11 year-old Corus brand after British Steel merged with the 81 year-old Netherlands-based Koninklijke Hoogovens in 1999

Tatanet partners Compuware

03 Sep 2010

Corus plans to sell Teesside unit to Thailand’s SSI for $500 million

27 Aug 2010

Tata Motors may raise Rs4,700 crore through securities sale: report

19 Aug 2010

Noel Tata inches closer to top after new appointments

19 Aug 2010

The role of the 53-year-old Noel Tata has now got bigger with his appointment as an additional director of Trent

Successor will be pro-growth, not pro-Parsi: Ratan Tata

10 Aug 2010

This is the first time Tata has spoken on the succession issue since the formation of the five-member panel to choose his successor

Ratan Tata is 'Businessman of the Decade'

07 Aug 2010

`Ratan Tata and the group always put the nation above and upheld ethics and trusteeship in businesses.'

Ratan Tata successor by March; no clue yet

06 Aug 2010

With the Tata group announcing on Thursday that a successor to chairman Ratan Tata will be chosen next March, speculation is rife about whom this would be, although no tangible clue seems to have emerged as yet