Biocon - Mylan’s biosimilar cancer drug `Fulphilia’ gets US FDA approval

06 Jun 2018

US regulators approve rival product for EpiPen, Symjepi

17 Jun 2017

EpiPen maker Mylan comes under fire for CEO’s $98 million pay package

14 Jun 2017

Delhi HC allows Biocon, Mylan to sell generic drug for three types of cancers

04 Mar 2017

Teva Pharmaceuticals and Mylan accused of brazen price fixing

16 Dec 2016

EpiPen maker Mylan to cut and restructure workforce

08 Dec 2016

Mylan’s price hike on EpiPens adds millions to DoD spending

31 Oct 2016

Mylan NV’s EpiPen to get completion from rival Kaleo Inc’s Auvi-Q

27 Oct 2016

Mylan to pay $465 mn to settle DoJ probe over EpiPen costs

08 Oct 2016

Generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company Mylan NV yesterday agreed to pay $465 million to settle allegations of overcharging the US government on its Medicaid program for its EpiPen products

EpiPens in UK sold for 10% of US prices

30 Sep 2016

Mylan profits 60% higher than disclosed to US Congress

27 Sep 2016

Mylan to offer generic EpiPen at half list price

30 Aug 2016

Mylan to further enhance access to EpiPen Auto-Injector

26 Aug 2016

Mylan wins patent battle over sclerosis drug Copaxone

26 Aug 2016

Mylan raises prices of allergy medication EpiPens 500%

23 Aug 2016

Mylan launches generic drugs to treat attention disorder, hair-loss in US

02 Aug 2016

Mylan, Biocon report success with Phase 3 Trastuzumab biosimilar cancer drug trials

07 Jun 2016

Mylan to buy Renaissance Acquisition Holdings topical business for $950 mn

13 May 2016

Drugmaker Mylan to buy Sweden’s Meda for $7.2 bn

11 Feb 2016

Mylan shareholders back plan for Perrigo hostile bid

29 Aug 2015

Perrigo rejects Mylan’s latest $34.10 bn bid

30 Apr 2015

The rejection from Perrigo comes as Mylan fends off an unsolicited $40-billion takeover bid from Israeli generic drug giant Teva Pharmaceuticals

Mylan raises bid for Perrigo Co to $34.10 bn

29 Apr 2015

As a result of the increased offer, Mylan will own approximately 60.7 per cent of the merged company, while the remaining 39.3 per cent will be held by Perrigo

Perrigo Co rejects Mylan's $33-bn sweetened bid

25 Apr 2015

Generic drugmaker Mylan NV yesterday raised its takeover offer for Perrigo Co to $33 billion, in a move widely seen as an attempt to ward off an unsolicited bid from larger rival Teva Pharmaceuticals

Perrigo rejects Mylan’s $29 bn takeover offer

22 Apr 2015

Mylan to buy Famy women’s healthcare business

03 Feb 2015